The already substantial additional climate spending for next year of almost 7 billion euros is a "next necessary step", but that is far from enough.

"More will really have to be done," said outgoing Mark Rutte on Thursday during the General Political Reflections in the House of Representatives.

"It's definitely not enough."

Extra money is needed to comply with the Urgenda judgment.

In addition, the climate targets for 2030 must be achieved.

The Dutch target is 49 percent less CO2 emissions compared to 1990, but the European target, which will also apply to the Netherlands, is already 55 percent.

"We have to achieve the target of 49 percent and then also close the gap to 55 percent," Rutte said.

The question is whether there will be a cabinet that can spend the extra billions before the end of the year.

"If the formation is too slow, you will have to solve it. That cannot wait for a new cabinet," said Rutte.

In October, the climate plans will be calculated by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and it will become clear what still needs to be done to achieve the climate target.

Rutte said climate measures must be accelerated to save more CO2, but hastened to say that it must be "feasible and affordable" for citizens and should not lead to companies leaving the Netherlands.

Climate fund of 'tens of billions'

During a press conference on Budget Day, Rutte hinted that as a VVD leader he sees a "unique opportunity" to set up a climate fund of "tens of billions" for the next fifteen years.

"You rarely see such a confluence of a huge social problem and an insanely well-functioning economy in history," Rutte said on Tuesday.

Rutte did not want to say exactly where the money should come from, because he discusses this plan as a VVD member at the formation table.

"Then I'm giving away too much of our negotiating position."