China News Service, Washington, September 24. Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, stated in Washington on the 23rd that innovation is the "golden key" to solving problems in Sino-US relations.

Faced with the complex and severe Sino-US relations, it is especially necessary to carry forward the spirit of innovation, with new patterns, new thinking, and new methods.

  Qin Gang made this statement while speaking at a high-level video conference of the Bloomberg Innovation Economic Forum.

He then explained the three "news".

  Speaking of the "new pattern," Qin Gang said that mankind is a community of shared destiny, and the international community faces many problems and challenges. No country can stand alone and take care of itself.

China and the United States should show a big picture and shoulder great responsibilities, so as to push Sino-U.S. relations back to the right track of stable development as soon as possible.

  Regarding the "new thinking", Qin Gang said that China and the United States have different histories, cultures, and social systems, but their interests are deeply mingled with each other.

The Cold War mentality and zero-sum game go against the trend of the world and the will of the people, and will only intensify contradictions and differences, leading to conflict and confrontation.

The Chinese have never believed in the "Thucydides trap". We must use practical actions to blaze a trail of peaceful development for the great nation's rejuvenation.

At the same time, we call on the United States to adhere to peaceful development, discard wrong thinking, and work with China to find a way of peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

  When discussing the "new approach," Qin Gang said that China-US relations have undergone great changes in the past few years, and they will never go back to the past.

We must face reality, face the future, break the mindset, and innovate new mechanisms, new methods, and new areas for Sino-US interaction.

As China and the United States are major innovation countries and the world's two largest economies, innovation cooperation is a "rich mine" that needs to be developed urgently.

  Qin Gang further pointed out that climate change, epidemic prevention and control, and economic recovery are all areas where innovation is intensive, and China and the United States have huge potential for cooperation to be tapped.

China will continue to expand opening up and promote China-US cooperation in science and technology, economics and trade.

The US should also create conditions for cooperation between the two countries instead of creating obstacles.