Hospitals are also relaxing their corona rules in line with the government.

But the way they do it differs.

Most hospitals are sticking to the 1.5 meter distance for the time being, but the mouth cap policy varies.

Radboudumc does not want to make far-reaching relaxation.

Not even now that the cabinet has decided that keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is no longer necessary.

The obligation has been changed to an "urgent advice".

However, the academic hospital in Nijmegen is sticking to it and will continue to ask health questions for the time being and hand out mouth caps at the entrance.

It is precisely in a UMC such as Radboudumc that many patients come who are in very fragile health and who are often - despite vaccination - insufficiently protected, the hospital explains.

However, from Saturday two visitors per day are allowed and patients who wish to do so may again bring a supervisor.

The Zeeland Adrz is also on the cautious line.

"In the interest of all patients, visitors, healthcare employees and volunteers, the corona measures will remain in force in Zeeland hospitals, even after September 25."

That also means here: keep 1,5 meters away and wear mouth caps.

This reasoning also follows the Slingeland Hospital in Doetinchem.

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Regional agreements in the Northern Netherlands

In some parts of the country, hospitals have made regional agreements.

For example, in the Northern Netherlands - which includes the UMCG in Groningen and hospitals in Drenthe and Friesland - the 1.5 meters away and the mouth cap obligation are maintained everywhere.

In Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal, the policy is more flexible: the Bravis locations are letting go of the one and a half meter rule.

In concrete terms, this means, for example, that all seats in waiting areas can be used again from Saturday.

The mask obligation had already been abolished there.

"It remains urgent advice to give each other space," said the hospital.

The Amphia Hospital in Breda says: "In the hall and other public areas you will automatically see which chairs you are allowed to sit on. This way we ensure that there is always a distance of 1.5 meters between you and other people."

The visitation arrangements have been relaxed, there are no special measures anymore.

Many other hospitals still limit visits to two people per day.

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital (JBZ) in Den Bosch, the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven and the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, among others, also stick to the 1.5 meter distance, but no longer make mouth caps mandatory.

If keeping your distance is not possible, face masks will remain the norm in various hospitals.