September 23, 2021

British director Roger Michell, who directed the 1999 romantic comedy 'Notting Hill', starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, has died at the age of 65.

This was announced by his agent, announcing that the death dates back to yesterday.

The son of a British diplomat, Michell was born in South Africa and lived in Beirut, Damascus and Prague as a child before returning to the UK.

After the success with 'Notting Hill', written by Richard Curtis, the director worked in Hollywood making in 2002 the film Changing Lanes', with Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson.

In 2014 he told the BBC that he had decided to focus more on films set in England and Europe.

Michell also enjoyed considerable success for his rehearsals as a theater director: he staged among other works by Nina Raine, Harold Pinter and Dylan Thomas.

Earlier this month, he took part in the Telluride Film Festival in the United States to promote 'The Duke' with Helen Mirren.