Nobody behaves in an absolutely lawful manner always and everywhere. That would be downright inhuman. It is one thing to admit such weaknesses and to take responsibility for them. It is something completely different to put yourself fully above the democratically established law and still consider that to be exemplary. Wolfgang Kubicki, at least Vice President of the Bundestag and Deputy Federal Chairman of the FDP, has now, expressly with a view to the regulars' tables, announced that he was "of course" ("What else!") In pubs that were not allowed to open due to the pandemic. Nonsensical corona rules only led to annoyance. What do you want to do there? “I made use of my right to act autonomously,” said Kubicki.

For the Vice-President of Parliament and leading politician of a party based on the rule of law with a long tradition, who takes the form very carefully when it comes to himself, politics is apparently nothing more than an ego trip.

Unfortunately, this disavowal of the democratic constitutional state by one of its regrettably more important representatives has a widespread effect and perhaps speaks to some from the soul.

Enemies of the constitution or those who are well on the way to becoming one already make sufficient use of the “right” to act autonomously.

Incidentally, “autonomously” thinking extremists consider not only the obligation to wear a mask, but also the right of other people to life to be nonsensical.