Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, September 23 (Reporter Chen Jianxing) Taiwan police announced on the 23rd that statistics showed that from January to August this year, a total of 2,994 cases of fraudulent investment fraud were accepted, with a loss of more than NT$1.2 billion, making it the number one fraud case. The number of cases with the second highest number increased by 1,399 compared with the same period last year, an increase of up to 90%.

  The Taiwan police introduced the current common fake investment fraud tactics. Criminals pretending to be legitimate businesses or financial experts, using social networking sites, dating software, phone calls, text messages, instant messaging software, etc. Various investment targets such as "stocks" and "overseas low-priced stocks" trick people into remittances.

After the people join the fake investment website, they get a small profit and increase the remittance. After that, the scammer cuts off contact and the website shuts down without warning.

  The police in Taiwan stated that they had already held a meeting with the financial supervision department of the authorities to jointly prevent fake investment fraud at the beginning of this month. They will establish an instant contact window and combine with relevant industry associations and industry players to strengthen the intelligence collection of investment fraud and other illegal cases, and expand the public's information. Hierarchical audience promotion.

If the public finds unclear investment information, they should log on to the "anti-fraud net" or the special page of relevant social networking sites set up by the police to inquire about the fake investment website information announced on a weekly basis.