They wanted to play Yamakasi but it ended in court.

On February 27 and March 1, three young people were caught climbing the roofs of the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Two other young people who had filmed the scene with drones were also arrested.

After these two intrusions, the public prosecutor of Coutances had indicated that “these dangerous and prohibited acts” would be “the subject of a firm criminal response”.

On Wednesday, the two drone pilots, aged 19 and 26, were on trial in Coutances court as part of a voluntary appearance on admission of guilt.

Prosecuted for "driving an aircraft that does not comply with safety rules" and "voluntary overflight of a prohibited area", they were sentenced to respective fines of 2,000 and 4,000 euros, reports



The three young people who had climbed the monument were summoned before the Coutances police court on November 8.


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