Paris (AFP)

PCF national secretary and presidential candidate Fabien Roussel on Thursday called on Emmanuel Macron to block the prices of energy, electricity and gas, proposing to "halve energy bills".

"I ask that from October 1, there is no longer a single increase in electricity and gas, because according to forecasts, it will continue to increase," said Fabien Roussel on Public Senate.

"I ask the President of the Republic one thing: block energy prices," he added.

Energy prices have increased markedly in recent months in France, as in the rest of the world, mainly due to the post-Covid economic recovery.

Electricity selling prices are soaring on the wholesale markets, raising fears of a very sharp increase in February 2022. Regulated gas prices have thus increased by 15.8% since the start of 2019, with a series of recent increases.

"Let's find ways to halve energy bills," continued Fabien Roussel, who proposes to renationalize EDF to regain "control of this wonderful tool for producing and distributing electricity".

"The taxes levied by the State represent 40% of the electricity bill," he said.

"By removing these taxes, we are already gaining 40%. And then, if we have nationalized, we will set the price, and we will refuse to go and sit down to table in Brussels with those who want at all costs to liberalize our electricity".

"We must regain sovereignty in our energy choices", summarized Mr. Roussel, who also denounced a 2022 budget, presented Wednesday by the government, "not at all adapted to the situation" and "(opening) the public spending to favor (multinationals) which do not need it ".

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