In the golden autumn season, there are abundant grains and fragrance of melons and fruits. Overlooking the land of China, there is a "golden" joy everywhere.

  "China must be strong in agriculture, China must be beautiful in rural areas, and China must be rich in farmers." For a long time, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always insisted on solving the "three rural issues" as the top priority of the party's work. On this occasion, he made suggestions for agricultural development, rural revitalization, and farmers' wealth, and his words and deeds were saturated with a strong sense of farming.

  Agriculture is the great cause of the world.

September 23 is the fourth harvest festival for Chinese farmers.

CCTV's "Lianbo +" specially released a long illustration to review with you General Secretary Xi Jinping's instigation on the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", and to share the golden joy of hundreds of millions of folks who have passed the prosperous days.