When Tobias Rawet was three years old, he was taken to the ghetto in Łódź.

A few years later to the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

He says he was lucky.

Most of his Jewish relatives were killed, but he survived.

So did Tobias Rawet's mother and father.

- Every night I heard my mother's nightmares.

She shouts in Yiddish: "Not me, not me, not me."

"Deniers made me start talking"

But it would be 50 years before Tobias Rawet started telling what he had been through.

On March 17, 1992, he realized that he could not be silent for long.

- On the news on TV, I saw how a denier told me that the Holocaust had not happened.

Then I understood that if we Holocaust survivors continue to be silent to forget - there is a risk that the deniers will win in the end.

Hear Tobias Rawet tell his story in the video above.