They talk about human connectivity, cybersecurity and digital platforms

Experts give inspiring speeches at the International Government Communication 2021

The 10th edition of the International Government Communication Forum, organized by the International Government Communication Center of the Sharjah Government Media Office, will witness a series of interactive speeches on humanitarian communication, cybersecurity, digital platforms and their target audience, presented by local, Arab and foreign experts, on September 26 and 27. .

The audience of the forum will be on a date with the content and film maker, Omar Farouk, who will present an interactive speech entitled “Human Communication” during the first day’s activities, during which he will address the ability of human communication to achieve the goals of government communication, and reach them to effective levels and direct response by the public, given that Humanitarian issues represent one of the issues closest to the conscience of the masses, and constitute one of the forces of change and rapid response to the reality of societies affected by wars, conflicts, natural disasters, or even the needy and the sick.

The speech will answer a set of questions related to the role of human communication in changing the conditions of societies, the most important of which are: “How do the masses receive news of humanitarian issues and what drives them to sympathize or solidarity with them?” And “What are the mechanisms that enable government communication to influence the public through humanitarian communication? And what “determines the success of government communication based on human communication?”

Through an interactive speech entitled “Cyber ​​Security”, the Chief of Cyber ​​Security for the UAE Government, Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, will talk to the audience on the second day of the forum, about the need to raise awareness of cybersecurity (information security), especially in light of the rapid technological development, which It imposes the need to protect databases and cyberspace, ensuring that it is not hacked, tampered with, or vandalized.

During the speech, the Kuwaiti will focus on the nature of cybersecurity and the need to raise awareness of it, because of its great importance at the level of individuals, institutions and countries. », and how it can be employed in the field of data penetration.

On the second day of the forum, the audience will hear an interactive speech titled “New Platforms… Specialized Messages”, delivered by Timothy Armeau, CEO and founder of Fanbytes, the agency specializing in Generation Z, on how social media and digital platforms can reach It also deals with the privacy of each of the categories used for each platform, and the great services that these platforms provided to government communication departments, so that they became more able to identify their target audience, and more aware of the message patterns that suit each audience.

Armo will answer several questions, most notably: “Is defining the target audience in communication a priority or just a need?” And “Does the privacy of the new generations of young people correspond to privacy in the messages addressed to them?” And what “what distinguishes the new generations of audiences from others?” Who are the segments of society?”, and “How can government communication departments benefit from the Tik Tok platform in addressing youth and youth?”

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