(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Centralized quarantine point under the epidemic storm: Dr. Lu Tai fought against the epidemic

  China News Service, Putian, September 23. Title: Centralized quarantine point under the epidemic storm: Dr. Lu Tai fought against the epidemic

  Author Yan Xulin Chunyin He Emei

  "I have been quarantined here for a few days? What is the current living situation?" At the centralized quarantine point of Edinburgh Friendly Hospital, Taiwanese Vice President Hu Wenjie cares about the lives of the people who are quarantined in the hospital as soon as he is free.

  Since September 14, Edinburgh Friendship Hospital has received instructions from the Putian City Prevention and Control Headquarters to determine it as a centralized medical observation site in Putian City to receive quarantined people.

  The hospital quickly devised a plan to vacate a building in one hour, implement isolation guarantees in six hours, and establish a "battle fortress" in 12 hours. While strictly implementing medical isolation and observation measures, it also refined the management services and medical personnel of quarantine personnel. Equipment, material storage, etc., create a "hotel-style" isolation point.

  Four medical staff from Taiwan compatriots have also joined the frontline in the fight against the epidemic, including Hu Wenjie.

She organized and established a work process for the care of the medical team, raced against the epidemic, implemented the prevention and control of hospital infection, and guided the team on how to quickly and effectively refine the epidemic prevention work to every corner.

"The most important thing is to monitor the health status of quarantined people, according to different ages, different physical conditions, provide health education on quarantine and epidemic prevention, and standardize staff to achieve zero contact." Hu Wenjie said.

  Hu Wenjie, who has worked and lived on the mainland for more than ten years, said that because Putian is full of history and culture, rich in local customs and customs, he chose to stop.

"Breathing in Putian's air and eating Putian's marinated noodles, what came to my heart was: This is the hometown flavor I'm familiar with."

  Therefore, after learning of Putian's epidemic prevention policy, Hu Wenjie immediately responded actively and participated in the epidemic prevention operation of the Edinburgh Friendship Hospital.

"It is incumbent to contribute to the'First Home'."

  A mother alone with three children in isolation made Hu Wenjie very concerned. The hospital provided the children with school bags, snacks, stationery, and gift boxes of moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Hu Wenjie often made video calls with this mother, caring about the situation of her mother and the children, and he would feel at ease seeing the children jumping around.

  With the help of the high-quality platform of the cross-strait biotechnology and medical and health industry cooperation zone, Edinburgh Friendship Hospital hopes to build the "first home" for Taiwanese medical staff to "land" in Putian.

In July this year, four Taiwanese medical staff, Gao Peng, Hu Wenjie, Zhang Youcheng, and Huang Yansi, arrived.

  Soon after taking office, they encountered a sudden epidemic in Putian. They actively asked Ying to join the front line of the fight against the epidemic, participating in logistics support, material deployment, health monitoring, and humanistic care. The work intensity was more than 12 hours a day.

The situation of the 131 quarantined persons has been as precious as ever.

  For the first time this year, Zhang Youcheng, a "post-95" Taiwanese youth who has just arrived in Putian for more than two months, did not spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with his family.

Since the start of this "epidemic prevention, control and annihilation war", Zhang Youcheng is responsible for the management of the supplies sent by the families of the quarantined, as well as coordinating the delivery of epidemic prevention and living supplies. He only rests for five or six hours a day to support the frontline medical staff at any time.

  "I was accompanied by three other Taiwanese partners, and the hospital colleagues also took good care of me. The family members were very relieved." Zhang Youcheng said, and his father often cheered him up on video calls.

  Huang Yansi, who has just arrived in Putian for more than two months, is responsible for paying attention to the 131 people who came to the hospital. Among them, 35 children under 12 years old, 9 elderly people over 60 years old, 2 pregnant women, and 1 cerebral palsy patient are included. Special observation object.

"They need to make regular return visits. It is the first task to grasp and track their needs in time." Huang Yansi hopes to let them spend every night here as relaxed as possible.

  Encountering this epidemic prevention operation made Huang Yansi feel deeply.

Seeing from the downtown area to the streets and alleys, every Putian person is working together to protect their homes every inch of the land. She said that whether it is on the mainland or in Taiwan, as a family on both sides of the strait, it is very satisfying to be able to work together with colleagues here. .

  Watching so many people go retrograde to help Putian, Gao Peng, the Taiwanese deputy general manager of Edinburgh Friendship Hospital, an old medical worker, was quite moved.

Coordinating the overall operation planning and execution of the hospital, organizing the logistics support team, and fully supporting the front-line supplies... He is also doing his best to protect the lives of colleagues and quarantined people in his post.

  "I hope we can work together to win this battle without gunpowder." Gao Peng said that epidemic prevention is prioritized, actively responding, and working together to fight the "epidemic". The deep feelings of family members on both sides of the strait have become more and more obvious in the process of overcoming the difficulties together. deep.