China News Agency, Orenburg, Russia, September 23 (Reporter Li Chun) On the 23rd local time, the "Peace Mission-2021" SCO joint counter-terrorism military exercise was formally implemented at the "Dongguz" shooting range in Orenburg Oblast, Russia Anti-terrorist cluster real forces operations.

The course of combating drone attacks is a bright spot on the training ground, and the practical significance behind it is more worthy of attention.

  On the military training ground that day, a reporter from China News Agency saw that several simulated drone targets quickly approached and were destroyed one by one under the intensive fire blockade of artillery.

  "For the'low, slow and small' target, the most difficult thing is to find that the radar reflection cross-sectional area is extremely small." Gu Zhiheng, chief of the reconnaissance section of a synthetic brigade in the northern theater of the People's Liberation Army who participated in the exercise, said that the primary issue in countering drones It is "discovery", mainly through two methods: "eyes" and "radar scanning".

There are also two methods for combating UAVs, namely "soft kill" and "hard kill".

  The so-called "soft kill" refers to the use of electronic means to interfere with the UAV's positioning system, block the transmission link, force it to hover or land, or use high-power microwave weapons to burn the UAV's electronic components.

"Hard kill" is more direct, dividing the air defense matrix network into the air, using vehicle-mounted artillery and anti-aircraft machine guns to focus firepower in the designated area, and "straight down" the drone.

  Gu Zhiheng said that in the "Peace Mission-2021" joint exercise, the course of combating drone attacks is more conducted in the "hard kill" method, and "the operation accuracy requirements will be higher."

It is precisely because of this that this course is a test and improvement of the capabilities of the participating troops.

"The troops are also aiming at the forefront of the world's military revolution, fully training themselves, and taking this opportunity to continuously improve their combat capabilities."

  With the development of information technology, UAVs have been widely used in all corners of the battlefield due to their small size, difficult to detect, low cost and easy access, agile maneuverability, and flexible use, and their role has become more prominent.

This feature has also been used by international terrorist organizations, and drones have often been used in terrorist attacks in recent years.

  The lesson on combating drone attacks can be described as a highlight of the "Peace Mission-2021" joint exercise. A concrete analysis of the practical significance behind the lesson and closely following the development of the current anti-terrorism combat situation should be the meaning of the topic.

  Li Shuyin, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army, told a reporter from China News Agency that as a series of exercises dedicated to the “attack of large-scale terrorist attacks by international terrorist organizations against member states of this organization” within the framework of the SCO, the “Peace Mission” must keep pace with the times and keep pace with the times. Keeping an eye on changes in war patterns and opponents' tactics, we will step up the exercise of anti-drone courses to better enhance the ability to combat international terrorist forces, to deter terrorists more effectively, and to better maintain regional security and stability.

  Observing regional conflicts that have occurred in recent years such as the Syrian war and the Naqqa conflict, UAV and anti-UAV operations may change the battlefield to a certain extent.

There is a view that drone swarms and even drone swarms are the special mode of future air operations, representing the development direction of military operations, and profoundly changing the mode of operations and even some rules of modern warfare.

  When communicating with officers and soldiers from various countries, Russian military officers said that many elements and tactics in the "Peace Mission-2021" joint exercise are derived from the Russian military’s actual combat experience in recent years, and part of the actual combat experience Permeated into the content of the exercise.

  "We talk about keeping an eye on the trend of military change. One of the important meanings is to actively learn from the actual combat experience of the SCO member states." Li Shuyin pointed out that Russia, as an important member of the SCO, is also the host country of this joint exercise. Has extensive experience in combating drone attacks.

Other member states have also studied this.

In the brand-new exercise of combating terrorist drones, the members of the SCO can learn from each other's strengths and continuously improve their anti-terrorism combat capabilities.