It includes the passage of 5 years from the issuance of the violation and the non-interruption of the limitation period

Legal requirements to drop the statute of limitations for traffic violations

  • The law guarantees every person to object if it is certain that the violation is not valid.


  • Salah Al Falasi: “There is a high degree of awareness that is reinforced by a more than wonderful road network in Dubai.”


The Advocate General, Head of the Traffic and Traffic Prosecution in Dubai, Counselor Salah Bourousha Al Falasi, said that there are legal and procedural requirements for dropping traffic violations by statute of limitations, including the passage of five years from the date of committing the violation and not interrupting the statute of limitations period.

In response to a question from the public about the variation in the application of some violations from one emirate to another during a virtual seminar organized by the Community Development Authority under the title of legal responsibility for road users, he added that the Traffic Law is the same and gives each person the right to object to the violation with the Public Prosecution, which ultimately applies the law.

In detail, Counselor Salah Bourousha Al Falasi explained in response to questions from the public that the abolition of traffic violations by prescription is applied according to specific requirements, including the passage of five years since issuing the violation without interrupting this period by any other procedure, whether by the traffic departments of the police or the prosecution.

He added that there is an organized process for taking this action, so the prosecution receives lists from the police of violations that have been issued for five years, and then these lists are subject to scrutiny and investigation, with the aim of ensuring that the statute of limitations period is not interrupted by any police action or by the prosecution against the violating person.

Al Falasi stressed that the rate of violations and penalties applied to road users in Dubai is not comparable to their numbers, which reflects a great deal of commitment by the majority of drivers, pointing out that the general indicator is excellent, and confirms that there is a high degree of awareness, reinforced by a more than wonderful road network.

He explained that road users in Dubai have reached a stage of mental cohesion on the road that provides a lot of protection, given that everyone reaches one degree of commitment, and violations and penalties remain for a few who are not committed.

On the discrepancy in issuing some violations from one emirate to another, such as the violation of car coloring or shading, violation of supply or changes in the vehicle’s engine, the Head of the Traffic and Traffic Prosecution explained that regardless of the variation in the application of some traffic procedures related to issuing specific violations, the law is federal, and the regulation is the same There is a decisive criterion for this issue, which is whether the violation is valid or not.

He pointed out that the law guarantees each person to object to the prosecution and the competent authorities, if it is certain that the violation issued to him is incorrect, and then the prosecution considers his objection, and determines whether it is in accordance with the law or whether the violation is valid.

Regarding the cases of applying the aggravating circumstance against drivers who cause traffic accidents and damage property, Al Falasi said that some traffic accident victims lack sufficient awareness of the procedures for opening the communication and following up the case in the prosecution, as they do not realize that they have the option to claim civil right, which provides them with access to their full rights from The culprit drivers are far from the penalty part determined by the court according to what it deems appropriate from the factors and circumstances.

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