An international research team announced that it had found the cause that led to the sudden collapse of the ancient cities that occurred in the Tel El-Hamam area (south of the Jordan Valley, northeast of the Dead Sea) in the Bronze Age about 3,600 years ago.

meteor sky

According to the study - published in the journal "Nature Scientific Reports" and announced by UC Santa Barbara, participating in the study in an official statement on September 20, the matter was due to a cosmic event, A meteor that fell from the sky exploded above the area and completely destroyed it.

To reach these results, the research team conducted a careful examination of the rock components in Tell Al-Hamam dating back to that era, and the results were surprising, as “very unusual” materials appeared in the words of the researchers in their study.

The research team carried out a thorough examination of the rock components in Tel Al-Hamam (Vil Silva).

In addition to the debris that researchers can monitor due to wars and earthquakes, they found pottery fragments with external surfaces melted in glass, mud bricks in the form of bubbles, and partially melted building materials, all of which are indications of an abnormal rise in temperatures (about two thousand degrees Celsius) that was not Technology at that time was able to produce it.

On the other hand, the researchers, after conducting various analyzes on soil and sediments, monitored the presence of small globules rich in iron and silica, as well as molten minerals, which confirms this theory.

According to the study, another evidence confirms that what happened was an explosion caused by a meteorite that fell to Earth, where the team noticed the presence of "Shocked Quartz" in the same place, which is sand grains that contain cracks that only form under very intense pressure.

The Jordanian area of ​​Tel al-Hamam drew research and historical interest, as scientists suggested that it was the city of "Sodom" (NASA).

Tunguska explosion

Using these data, the researchers estimated that the explosion that occurred in Tel Al-Hammam was similar to what happened in the Tunguska region (eastern Siberian plains) in 1908, and this caused an explosion of 12 megatons, and the diameter of the falling meteorite was estimated to be about 56-60 meters.

The Jordanian area of ​​Tel Al-Hamam draws research and historical interest, because there are indications that it was the city of "Sodom" mentioned in the heavenly books as the press release of the study states, and in this city the people of Lot, peace be upon him, lived, and there may be a link between this event and the story of the destruction of these people mentioned in Holy books.