A 49-year-old man who is seen as a criminal contact of Ridouan T. was arrested last weekend in Curaçao on suspicion of international drug trafficking.

The National Public Prosecutor's Office confirmed this on Wednesday after reporting by

Het Parool


De Telegraaf.

According to

Het Parool


Gregory F. was

arrested at a hotel in the Jan Thiel district in Willemstad.

De Telegraaf

reports that the arrest was made at the request of the Dutch police and that F. will be transferred to the Netherlands on Saturday.

The name of the man is also mentioned in the Marengo trial in the investigation into the murder of Ronald Bakker in 2015. According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), T. and F. had conversations about the liquidation of the spy shop employee by means of encryption telephones.

The name of F. also came up during the handling of the case against Danny M., founder of Ennetcom.

In a note F. was mentioned as being a colleague of M. within the company.

M. was sentenced on Tuesday to 4.5 years in prison for leading a criminal organization. Ennetcom is said to have supported criminals by supplying encryption telephones.