Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter He Xinghui and intern Tang Zilu) Yield 1123.87 kg per mu!

A few days ago, at the rice super-high-yield experimental demonstration base in Xingyi City, Guizhou Province, after the staff tested the production, the high-yield rice in Guizhou Province set a new record.

In this regard, Zhang Hongcheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and deputy head of the rice expert group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, commented that Guizhou's rice production is at the first-class level in the country.

This demonstration base was planted in 2013 under the advocacy of the late "Father of Hybrid Rice" Academician Yuan Longping. The main goal is to break through 1,000 kilograms of rice per mu and provide a scientific research platform for super-high-yield rice breeding and super-high-yield cultivation across the country.

  This year, the planting area of ​​the demonstration base is about 110 mu.

At present, the growth of rice is gratifying, and a bumper harvest is in sight.

The Rice Research Institute of Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Qianxinan Prefecture Karst Regional Development Research Institute have cooperated in super-high-yield research and demonstration, and identification and selection of new varieties of ecological adaptability.

After the expert group selected a certain area for actual cutting, the yield per mu of two rice fields was more than 1100 kg, of which the highest yield per mu was 1123.87 kg, setting a record for the high yield of rice in Guizhou Province.

  Luo Qiang, deputy director of the Rice Research Institute of the Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the demonstration base achieved a yield of 1079 kg per mu in 2014, and a yield of 1081 kg per mu in 2020, which has increased by more than 40 kg this year.

  Beginning in the 1970s, Guizhou became attached to Academician Yuan Longping.

In 2000, Yuan Longping was hired by the Guizhou Provincial Government as a science and technology consultant.

Under the guidance of Yuan Longping, the selection and breeding of new hybrid rice varieties in Guizhou Province has achieved good results.

In 2007, the two-line hybrid rice and high-quality rice industrialization demonstration by the Rice Research Institute of Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences won the first prize of Guizhou Science and Technology Progress, which was the "first time" in the history of rice research in Guizhou Province.

In 2010, Guizhou Province launched the 5-year "Guizhou Super Hybrid Rice'Three-Yield Four-Yield Project'", and the hybrid rice "Three-Yield and Four-Yield Project" was proposed by Yuan Longping.

In 2011, in Xingyi, Guizhou, Yuan Longping witnessed the "Guizhou Super Hybrid Rice'Three-Yield and Four' High-yield Project" with an average yield of 970.25 kg per mu. He said: “970 kg per mu is very important in Guizhou. What a great thing.” Then, under the initiative of Yuan Longping, Xingyi City's rice super-high-yield experimental demonstration base was completed and put into use, and the record of rice yield per mu in Guizhou has been repeatedly set.

  This is especially significant in karst Guizhou where the land is broken.