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order to enter the United States from November, in addition to testing negative for Corona, vaccination must be completed. The U.S. said that it would remove the entry restrictions for foreigners applied by country and make judgments based on these two criteria, but for us, the condition has been increased by one.

This is Washington correspondent Yunsu Kim.

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day President Biden went to the UN General Assembly where he was scheduled to meet with European leaders, the White House introduced new travel restrictions.

Starting in November, it is decided to allow entry of all foreigners who have completed their COVID-19 vaccination and tested negative within 3 days.

It abolished entry restrictions by country that had been imposed on 33 countries, including the UK and the European Union, as well as China and India, and established a new standard.

[Jen Saki/US White House Press Secretary: We will implement strict measures to prevent foreigners from transmitting COVID-19 to the United States by requiring foreigners to complete their vaccinations when entering the United States.]

European countries welcomed it immediately.

It is evaluated as a measure to appease Europe, taking into account European complaints about being dragged by the US during the Afghan withdrawal process and conflict with France over the transfer of technology to Australia's nuclear submarines.

[Boris Johnson/Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: The number of vaccinated people in the UK has doubled, and travel to the US is permitted. They can go to America until Thanksgiving. That's great.]

From South Korea's point of view, one additional condition for completion of vaccination has made travel to the United States more difficult.

In the United States, only three vaccines have been approved: Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen.

(Video coverage: Jeong-sik Oh, video editing: Ho-jin Kim)