China News Service, September 21. According to a report by Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, a video circulated on social media platforms shows a U.S. border mounted police using a whip-like horse bridle to drive away Haitian refugees.

The White House condemned this on the 20th.

  According to reports, the incident occurred in an illegal refugee camp near a river in Texas.

In recent days, due to lack of food and water on the US side, Haitian refugees have been traveling back and forth between the border town of Del Río in Texas and the city of Acuna on the Mexican side to buy food.

  Reuters quoted witnesses as saying that American Mounted Police wearing cowboy hats blocked the way of Haitian refugees. One of the Mounted Police also threw a noose-like rope at a refugee, very close to his face.

  White House Press Secretary Psaki said on the 20th: "I believe that anyone who saw that video would not accept or approve of that kind of behavior."

  She said: "I don't know the ins and outs of the whole incident. Under any circumstances, this is unacceptable."

  In addition, US Secretary of Homeland Security Majorcas stated that the long rope is a tool used by the Mounted Police to control their horses and promised to initiate an investigation.

  Majorcas said: "We will base ourselves on facts and we must understand the real situation."

  The United States began to repatriate a large number of Haitian refugees who crossed the border from Mexico into Texas from September 19th. This may be one of the largest refugee deportations in the United States in decades.

The Haitian government expressed dissatisfaction with this, saying that Haiti is experiencing a crisis and cannot cope with this wave of refugees.