The UAE ranks first in dealing with the “Corona” pandemic globally

The UAE government held the periodic media briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the emerging coronavirus in the country "Covid-19", during which it announced that the UAE had occupied the first positions in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic globally, as the UAE came at the forefront of countries globally in the percentage of those who received a vaccine. Covid 19 for every 100 people completely in the country, and the country ranked first globally in the list of countries most vaccinated for at least one dose, in addition to achieving the fifth place globally in terms of the small number of deaths from confirmed infections with the emerging “Corona” virus, noting that all The indicators herald a return to a new normal life and the continuity of routines and activities.

In detail, the official spokesperson for the health sector in the country, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, confirmed the success of the UAE in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic by all standards, and all the efforts made by the various teams working in combating the pandemic were crowned with success and success, which came as a result of the sound vision of our rational and proactive national leadership of the country. The Emirates in all vital sectors, noting that the health sector has proven the durability and readiness of its infrastructure, including qualified cadres, and in a manner that ensures preparedness and readiness at all levels to confront various types of emergencies and crises, which made the UAE the first centers in dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic globally.

Al Hosani revealed that the UAE ranked third in the world in the number of Covid-19 detection tests conducted per 1000 population for countries with a population of more than one million, according to the Our World in Data website. From the beginning of the pandemic until the date of this September 12, it also ranked fifth globally in terms of the small number of deaths from confirmed infections with the emerging “Corona” virus, according to the figures of the global platform for the same period.

She said: "The UAE came at the forefront of countries globally in the proportion of those who received the Covid 19 vaccine for every 100 people in the country until September 12, according to the Our World in Data website, as it was ranked second in the world, and the country ranked The first globally in the list of countries most vaccinated for at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccines for the same period, and the percentage of those who received the vaccine completely at the state level reached 81.55%, while the percentage of those who received at least one dose of the vaccine achieved a remarkable increase, reaching 92.34% The total population of the country is the highest in the world.

She added: "The UAE was also at the forefront globally in the rate of receiving doses per 100 people, compared to countries whose population exceeds one million, which reflects the success of the UAE's strategy in providing vaccines to various groups of society in order to reach community immunity, and we are proud of this achievement, which highlights The extent of compatibility and harmony of the health sector with the vital sectors in managing and containing the pandemic, in addition to the social responsibility that contributed to reducing infection numbers.

Al-Hosani pointed out that the efforts exerted, intensifying investigation procedures and expanding the scope of examinations at the state level have contributed to the noticeable detection of cases of infection, in addition to the fact that the availability of multiple vaccines against the Covid-19 virus, and the increase in public awareness among citizens and residents of the need to receive the vaccine contributed greatly to the decline. The noticeable and downward trend in the number of injuries registered in the country for the UAE to make rapid progress in the recovery process after the pandemic, pointing out that the fruit of these efforts is shown through the results and data that indicate a significant decrease in the incidence of Covid 19 infection in the country, where it achieved a decrease of 60% compared to August This is the lowest number of injuries in a year.

She explained that the vaccines generally contribute to the prevention of infection and complications of the disease, admission to hospitals, reducing the period of stay in hospitals and the absence of the need for respirators compared to the non-vaccinated category, noting that the provision of vaccine support doses was announced, and these doses contributed to enhancing immunity significantly and thus Reduce the number of cases we're seeing right now.

She pointed out that the booster dose is giving the recipient an additional dose after receiving a basic dose of vaccination, where the boosting dose is to improve immunity to reach levels that are able to protect the body from the virus after the memory of its recognition decreases over time.

Therefore, we recommend that individuals who are eligible for the booster dose be sure to take this dose on time.

She said: "The seasonal flu season coincides these days with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the symptoms of both diseases are very similar. Therefore, we encourage community members to go to health centers and take the seasonal flu vaccine to provide protection against common viruses that cause disease, especially for groups most vulnerable to complications. Influenza, including the elderly, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, and children, especially children under 5 years old.

She stressed that vaccination is the best effective and safe way to prevent infection and the most successful medical intervention, so we recommend community members to take the seasonal influenza vaccination and also remind them of the importance of initiating the Covid 19 vaccination and that the recommended time interval between influenza vaccination and Covid 19 vaccination is two weeks.

Al-Hosani attributed the UAE’s success in confronting the Corona pandemic to societal integration, describing it as the engine to reach the goals and return to a new normal life, as the positive role of community members and adherence to preventive measures is one of the most important factors of the state’s success in reducing the number of injuries, stressing that the role of society in the next stage. No less important than the roles and responsibilities of the competent and concerned authorities to deal with the pandemic, given that societal behavior is a way to preserve the state's gains so that we can enjoy a new normal life.

Al-Hasani advised all members of society to make examinations a basic habit in our daily lives, while adhering to all precautionary and preventive measures, foremost of which is wearing masks and physical distancing, stressing that all indicators herald a return to a new normal life and the continuity of routine work and activities, while making sure to follow the preventive and precautionary measures established by the authorities. concerned with ensuring the provision of health security, safety and prevention for all members of society, and the most important of these measures and supporting factors is the initiative to take vaccination and the booster dose to provide a healthy and protective environment in all areas of life.

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