Today, Sweden has 18 general flag days that are celebrated with general flagging, for example New Year's Day, Christmas Day and Nobel Day.

Six of the flag days are royal, something that may change to four.

- We propose that the flag days at name days be removed at the next change of throne.

Flag days must have some form of popular support and it no longer has name days, says Björn von Sydow who led the committee.

Another suggestion is that the flag days for the regent's spouse be removed.

Royal flag days should only be intended for the head of state, ie the king and the heir to the throne.

This change will also take place only at the next change of throne.

Instead, a general flag day will be added to the European Parliament on election day.

The appanage is reviewed

The inquiry was also tasked with examining whether fewer people should receive part of the apanaget, the state grant to the royal family.

In that case, the court has already preceded the investigation by making it clear that Prince Carl Philips' two children and Princess Madeleine's three children will not be formally included in the royal family and thus will not receive part of the grant.

The Committee does not propose any further austerity measures on this point.

The investigation was handed over to Minister of Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson (S) on Tuesday.