Ryazansky stressed that such a system significantly reduces the period of "bureaucratic walks" with information.

He also noted that the automatic receipt of benefits is very convenient.

“All the promises made by the Prime Minister are based on the basis of information and technological solutions that have already been implemented.

This is work within the framework of the pension system, the system of state and social services, this is the social treasury, it is also active informing citizens about the benefits and payments they are entitled to.

The periods that we have already experienced as additional payments, including for families with children, have shown that the state is already doing it, ”the parliamentarian explained.

According to him, there is a period when you can do this systematically, without waiting for a person to write an application and provide documents. 

“I see this as a step forward.

I am confused here by rural areas, remote settlements, where sometimes there is nothing but post office.

The system of working with a personal account is not so developed.

It will take some time to debug, ”the senator concluded.

Earlier, Mishustin said that from 2022, Russians will receive payments and benefits automatically.

He noted that this will affect pensions, compensations and benefits, including temporary disability, pregnancy, childbirth, as well as a lump sum payment at the birth of a child.

According to Mishustin, the process of crediting payments will become easier and easier.