Uppsala Municipality has now chosen to proceed with a review of the communications staff's work.

In a decision, taken on Tuesday afternoon, by the Municipal Board's working committee (KSAU) shall:

  • a review of the "culture of the communications staff" is carried out: with a focus on increasing openness and transparency - and ensuring freedom of information,

  • a review of the consultant dependence within the communication staff with a focus on reducing the consultant dependence is carried out,

  • and a review of guidelines for press and media management will be launched.

Consulting purchases are paused

During the review, all consulting purchases at the communications staff will be paused - with the exception of the mayor's needs.

The question was raised by the Moderates' municipal councilors Fredrik Ahlstedt and Therez Almerfors on Tuesday afternoon - whereupon the committee therefore chose to proceed with an investigation.

- Exactly which solutions can be found is up to the administration now, says Erik Pelling (S).

"Go to the bottom with"

The issue will now be dealt with and is expected to be finalized during the municipal board meeting on Wednesday.

- This is our duty.

This is a very serious incident.

A gross trampling.

It may seem like an individual event, but that is what the review should go to the bottom of.

There should be no suspicion of any culture, says Erik Pelling (S).

The investigation will be completed and reported back in December 2021.

Interview canceled

It was last week that SVT Uppsala visited a preschool and wanted to talk about vab.

An interview with the principal was interrupted when a communicator called SVT, at the same time as the principal's manager also received a telephone call in the same matter.

Hear how the principal is stopped in the middle of the interview:

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Principal Sara Lundéll is called in the middle of the interview and is ordered to break it.

Photo: SVT