China News Service, Taizhou, September 21 (Fan Yubin, Zhang Zhaohui, Zhang Tiancheng, Li Licheng) One person has a love for one month, one bite, one barracks.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese enjoy the moon, eat moon cakes, and reunite their families.

For military personnel, the Mid-Autumn Festival represents not only peace and reunion, but also loyalty and perseverance.

Moon cakes made by officers and soldiers Photo by Li Licheng

  In the Taizhou Detachment of the Zhejiang Armed Police Corps, the officers and soldiers confided their silent thoughts to their relatives in their own way.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, homemade "strong army moon cakes" have become an important activity for military camp officers and soldiers to send love and experience traditional culture.

  On the same day, the officers and soldiers sat around a table, mixing noodles, scouring the dough, making dough balls, wrapping, pressing, brushing the egg liquid, and baking. There were many steps in one step.

The flavors such as five kernels, bean paste, lotus paste, egg yolk and so on are even more dazzling.

Special moon cakes made by officers and soldiers Photo by Li Licheng

  A soldier bluntly said that although the mooncakes he made were not as refined as those sold in the store, they contained a feeling. Both for himself and for relatives in the distance, its significance far exceeded the mooncake itself.

"Bite it down in one bite, sweetness in your mouth, beauty in your heart."

Officers and soldiers show their own mooncakes Photo by Li Licheng

  During the production process, the officers and soldiers gradually used ingredients and molds to become proficient, weighing, kneading noodles, rolling the skins, and stuffing them. After lightly pressing the molds, delicious mooncakes were "born".

In less than an hour, mooncakes of different styles were filled in the oven, with the words "People's Armed Police" engraved on the specially made mooncakes.

In about half an hour, a drawer of freshly baked mooncakes appeared in front of the officers and soldiers, neat and tidy like a queue of soldiers, exuding alluring sweetness.

Special moon cakes made by officers and soldiers Photo by Li Jingjing

  It is understood that in the past, moon cakes were purchased uniformly by the troops.

The homemade "strong army moon cakes" not only solved the phenomenon of extravagance and waste, but also eased the homesickness of officers and soldiers.

Supported by sufficient materials, the officers and soldiers not only made fragrant and delicious mooncakes for themselves, but also sent the sweetness to their parents far away.

  Every holiday season, although the officers and soldiers are unable to reunite with their families due to their mission and responsibilities, the "strong army moon cakes" made by themselves can carry the longing and send blessings to their parents.

  "Spend a good moon and full night. Although the family is separated from two places, they can share the sweetness under the same moonlight. I think it also adds a different flavor to the Mid-Autumn Festival." A soldier said.