La Tour-du-Pin (France) (AFP)

President of the National Rally Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate, on Tuesday called on President Emmanuel Macron to come out of his "silence" and react to the submarine crisis between France and the United States.

Seeing herself wondering, on the sidelines of a trip to Tour-du-Pin (Isère), if she was surprised that President Macron had not yet spoken about this serious diplomatic crisis between allied countries, she considered that "this silence expresses a gigantic embarrassment ".

"No one can imagine that we were not aware of Australia's willingness to give up, to break this contract," she said.

"Emmanuel Macron since the start of his mandate has gone from failure to failure. He has not obtained anything, he has even managed to lose what he had obtained, what others had obtained," she said critical.

"It is all the more worrying that this Indo-Pacific zone is an area where France is precisely present," she continued.

"He (Macron) must speak," she insisted, also calling on him to "recall the French ambassadors" in Australia, the United States and Great Britain - which has already been done last Friday for the first two.

"We have to get out of NATO's integrated command, because I believe that the demonstration is made that we have absolutely nothing more to do there under these conditions", she added.

US President Joe Biden on September 15 announced a new strategic alliance with Australia and the UK, which torpedoed a mega-contract of French submarines in Canberra and infuriated Paris, left in the dark .

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