• Migrants, Lamorgese to Schinas: "We need a signal of EU solidarity"

  • Migrants, NGOs: 7 children among the 29 who died in shipwrecks in the Canary Islands


September 21, 2021 He has no name for now. It is difficult to determine his age. He's 3, maybe 4 years old. What is certain is that his lifeless child's body was found on the beach in the province of Almería in southeastern Spain. Another image of yet another shipwreck of migrants.

Information is scarce and the numbers of victims are also unclear. According to a reconstruction, the number of corpses found since last Sunday would be six or seven. They could be of people who were shipwrecked while trying to reach Spain from North Africa.

The Spanish Civil Guard is investigating the discovery of the lifeless bodies of a small child and two adults found on the beaches of Vera and Carboneras, in Almería, which are believed - based on initial findings - may have been migrants transported aboard a shipwrecked dinghy in the Alboran Sea. A spokesperson for the 112 emergency service told Europa Press that at 11.30 pm yesterday a person reported seeing the body of a small child lying on the ground on the beach of Porto Rey. The authorities arrived on the spot and during the inspection the officers located the body of a woman 200 meters from the child's lifeless body. She too without a name. Today 112 received the report of the discovery of another person in El Algarrobico. 

In the last 24 hours, 5 corpses have appeared in various points of the Almeriense coast.

None of them have a name yet.

Since last weekend, 376 people have reached the coast of Almeria aboard 31 boats, according to data from the Red Cross.

🠔µ #Almeria, Spain.

Bodies found on beaches, probably of shipwrecked #migrants from North Africa.

There is also a child.

The bodies found since last Sunday rise to 6 or 7. pic.twitter.com/AsniUzR5dY

- Rai Radio1 (@ Radio1Rai) September 21, 2021