, September 21. According to the US Chinese website, the latest Harvard/Harris Poll poll shows that President Biden and former President Trump have different approval ratings among American voters. up and down.

Data map: US President Biden.

  According to polls, 48% of respondents said they hold a positive view of Trump, and 46% of respondents hold a positive view of Biden.

Biden’s support rate in the poll has recently suffered a sharp drop. 49% of respondents said they had a negative view of him, and 47% of respondents had a negative view of Trump.

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  According to the report, the latest poll is a significant change for Biden. In the first few months of his presidency, his approval rating was far ahead of Trump.

  However, multiple crises, including the surge in cases of new crown infections in recent months and the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, have greatly undermined the American public’s view of Biden.

  The latest polls show that 51% of respondents believe that Trump is more suitable to be president than Biden, and 49% prefer Biden.

  Harvard University/Harris polling leader Payne said: "The growing number of problems in all areas has led to a surprising conclusion that Trump's approval rating is now tied with Biden, which shows that ( Biden's honeymoon period was replaced by buyer regret."

  Payne went on to say: "Trump lost the election by 5 percentage points. Now 51% of people think he is more suitable to be president. This is actually a big improvement."

  The latest polls also show that Biden's overall approval rate has dropped to its lowest point since taking office.

48% of respondents said they support his performance in the White House, while 50% do not.

The same poll in July showed that Biden's approval rating dropped from 62% in June to 52%.

  There are signs that improper handling of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan may be the biggest factor affecting Biden's approval rate. Biden's approval rate for handling foreign affairs and counter-terrorism has fallen the most.

On these two issues, his approval ratings have fallen by 13 percentage points each since July.

  The approval ratings of other members of the Biden administration are similarly poor.

55% of respondents believe that Pence is more suitable to be a vice president than his successor, the current Vice President Harris.

63% of the respondents believe that Pompeo is more suitable to serve as Secretary of State than his successor, Secretary of State Blincoln.

  Payne concluded: "People think Pence is a better vice president. His approval rating exceeds (Harris) by 10 percentage points. The vast majority think Pompeo is doing better than Blinken, who is in Afghanistan. The issue has become a target of public criticism."

  The Harvard University CAPS/Harris poll was conducted from September 15 to 16, and 1,578 registered voters were surveyed online.