In the search for a new job you often encounter obstacles.

Sometimes the job seems perfect, but you don't meet the required experience or the right diploma.

Do you have to apply for the vacancy?

Two job application coaches give advice.

"The labor market is getting tighter. There are fewer candidates who can meet the requirements, which means that companies automatically become less strict," says job application coach Iris Bolk.

She explains that this greatly increases the chance of a job.

"It is often more important that the position is filled than that they have the perfect candidate. The candidate can also grow further in the company."

So there is hope for every job seeker who does not meet the requirements 100 percent.

"It becomes more difficult if you really need a certain education to perform the job, such as a nurse," says job application coach Margreet Jonker.

"Then you should think about retraining. But it's really not always necessary."

Tip 1: Call first

Before you apply for such a dream job, it is wise to first call your future employer.

"There is often a telephone number with the vacancy. You can call this number to ask if you have a chance at the job," says Jonker.

This way you know immediately how strict the requirements are.

“If you really want the job, don't be discouraged.”

Iris Bolk, job application coach

In addition, you immediately make a good impression.

"By calling you show that you are motivated and enthusiastic. This gives you an advantage, even before you have started on the application letter."

Tip 2: Don't get discouraged

In the worst case scenario, you can also hear during the telephone conversation that you have no chance of the job.

"Do not apply for a job if you already know that you will be rejected. It will be a waste of your time," says Jonker.

Bolk disagrees completely: "If you really want the job, don't be discouraged. In such a telephone conversation you only speak to one person from the company, while often several people are involved in the job interview. And they may judge your chances differently."

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In addition, hard requirements can disappear more quickly if no candidate meets the predefined criteria.

"It's a shame if you were scared off at an earlier stage," says Bolk.

Tip 3: Emphasize your qualities

It is especially important when applying for a job to present yourself well.

So do not focus the cover letter on the qualities that you lack, but emphasize the capacities that you do have.

Also name the skills that the employer does not immediately ask for.

"In this way you show that you are an addition to the company," says Jonker.

"Suppose they want you to speak English and Dutch. Then put on your resume that you can speak German."

Or make an overview of all computer programs you can work with.

Although according to Jonker you should not exaggerate.

"Never put something on your resume that is not correct. You will always fall short," says the job application coach.

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