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Dr. Noelia de Mingo, 48, was arrested yesterday by the Local Police after stabbing the cashier and the owner of a supermarket in El Molar (Madrid). In 2003, he stabbed three people to death and wounded five others at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation. She was

acquitted of the triple homicide for suffering from paranoid schizophrenia,

although a measure of 25 years of confinement in a prison psychiatric hospital was established for her. In 2017 he was released under family control due to his disorder. Third degree freedom was conditional, among other things, on not repeating any act such as those that led to his detention.

Now he lived in the town of El Molar under the custody of his 81-year-old mother. Both lived in a stone house in front of the City Hall. In theory, she should have outpatient treatment and medical check-ups every two weeks, with the order that her mother give notice if she noticed that her daughter was getting worse.

Noelia de Mingo did not leave the house much and she always


so on

the arm of her mother, who took care of her well-being while a woman came to the house to help the old woman with the housework.

At the El Molar clinic, according to the neighbors, Noelia de Mingo

came regularly with her mother for her check-ups.

Health sources indicated that the patient was very controlled, medicated, and that the mother had never warned that she was suffering a new outbreak. Relatives say that in the last four years the woman who in 2003 caused a carnage in the corridors of the hospital after suffering an outbreak had not caused any incident.

Noelia's mother went almost every day to buy bread and other establishments in the town with her daughter. “She came to my store almost daily and she never told me that her girl was bad. They were always together, the mother was very aware of her and the truth is that

here everyone did not get very close to the daughter,

since we all knew what had happened, "said a shopkeeper yesterday.

A few days ago, De Mingo's mother suffered a fall at home. Yesterday the old woman went with a niece to the doctor for a cure at the health center. Noelia de Mingo was left alone, took

a chef's knife from the kitchen and hid it in a pocket.

The investigators are trying to reconstruct the previous hours and find out if the doctor had stopped taking the medication, since they suspect that she suffered a new schizophrenic outbreak. However,

the blister or container where Noelia kept the pills of her medication was almost without tablets.

According to the police reconstruction, the doctor headed down the street and went directly to the MaxCoop Unide supermarket, located on Avenida de España number 41 in El Molar.

Without a word, he pulled out the knife and stabbed one of the 46-year-old cashiers in the side twice,

who had only been working at the establishment for a month and with whom he had never had any previous confrontation.

Then he went inside the store, where the owner, Pilar, 53, was, who saw Noelia coming against her after hearing the screams of her employee.

The doctor gave him several shallow stabs and suffered several cuts to his hand.

A person who was in the supermarket

pushed the shopping cart against Noelia to try to protect the owner of the supermarket


"People shouted and asked for help, but the woman was very aggressive and kept stabbing," said one of the witnesses.

The manager was able to run away and took refuge in the pharmacy located a few meters from the store.

Meanwhile, Noelia de Mingo went out to the street when she was cornered inside the supermarket.

"He didn't say anything, he just walked and stabbed people close to him," said one of those present.

Several people tried to reduce the aggressor, while they called the police and locked themselves in nearby houses or shops.


two local police officers from El Molar managed to disarm and arrest the doctor,

after trying to stab one of the agents.

The scene was collected on the mobile of a neighbor of the mountain town.

The two pharmacy employees, Adriana and Yolanda, confirmed that the owner of the store took refuge there and that immediately afterwards they

closed the establishment to prevent De Mingo from entering.

«It has not happened here.

We are all well and the owner had two injuries, but well, just nervous, like us, "they said.

The Civil Guard took Noelia de Mingo to the San Agustín de Guadalix barracks yesterday afternoon.

At around 5.30 pm, Summa-112, with the support of the Civil Guard, transferred the woman to the Infanta Sofía Hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) for her forced admission to the Psychiatry unit.

Legal sources confirmed yesterday that the judge in charge of the investigation will

lift the judicial measure that kept the doctor free in family custody since 2017

and with outpatient treatment so that she continues to serve the 25-year sentence that was imposed on her in the Foncalent prison psychiatric hospital. for killing three people in 2003.

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