(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Over 400 confirmed cases in Fujian Province

  China News Service, Fuzhou, September 21 (Zheng Jiang Luo Longmin) The Fujian Provincial Health Commission notified on September 21 that from 0:00 to 24:00 on September 20, Fujian Province reported 42 new local confirmed cases, of which 36 were in Xiamen. Cases, 1 case in Quanzhou City, 5 cases in Putian City; 0 new cases of local asymptomatic infection.

  So far, since September 10, Fujian Province has reported a total of 405 local confirmed cases, all of which are currently hospitalized with no deaths; 3 cases of local asymptomatic infections are still undergoing centralized isolation and medical observation.

  On the same day, which coincided with the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, the sudden local epidemic of new crown pneumonia disrupted the pace of life of the people.

  The Mid-Autumn Festival was originally the busiest day in Xiamen. The unique Mid-Autumn Festival cake folk event appeared, and the city was full of "ding, jingle, bells" craps.

However, under the epidemic, there was no bustling crowd in the streets and alleys, and there was no sound of gambling.

In order to return to beauty as soon as possible, Xiamen has pressed the city's "pause button", including the suspension of Mid-Autumn Festival cakes, cultural performances and other activities throughout the city.

  The Mid-Autumn Festival "epidemic" never ceases.

People from all over Fujian responded to the official call to celebrate festivals on the spot and stay at home consciously; many white angels who went retrograde, many conscientious community workers, and many volunteers who took the initiative to take the initiative, still stick to the front line of fighting the "epidemic" and devote themselves to "letting the Rubik's Cube of life come sooner." "Screw back to the original position" epidemic prevention and control war.

  At present, staff of party and government agencies, institutions, and state-owned enterprises at all levels in Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and other places are working normally during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday to do their best to prevent and control the epidemic.

At the press conference that day, Tu Jianhua, deputy director of the Putian Municipal Health Commission, said that today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. "Letter", along with the Mid-Autumn Festival condolences to the quarantine personnel, to send care and warmth.

  In this special Mid-Autumn Festival, the "Cloud Festival" rises.

In Zhangzhou City, Taiwanese youths who stayed in Zhangzhou recorded videos one after another, blessing "the mountains and rivers are safe and the Cathay Pacific is in peace".

In Fuzhou, Zhang Yawen, a taekwondo coach from Taipei's "post-85s", recorded a video to share her story of starting a business on "Lu" and confessed affectionately that "Although we can't go back to Mid-Autumn Festival, it's just as warm here."

  In response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, universities in Fujian have suspended offline courses and opened online learning models.

On the evening of September 20th, Minjiang College in Fuzhou hosted an online theatrical performance "In order to spend the full moon", allowing teachers and students who celebrated the festival to spend a warm Mid-Autumn Festival and paying tribute to the anti-epidemic heroes.

  The scene was brightly lit, but there was no crowd and applause from the past.

The chief director of this show, Lu Hui, said that he could not see the audience's real-time feedback and could not interact in time, but during the performance, the audience on the other end of the screen could feel the resonance of the same frequency.

In the live connection session, Taiwanese teacher Bai Wei also gave a piano message at home, "I hope that through music, I can bring everyone a touch of psychological comfort and peace."

  On the same evening, the Fujian Peking Opera Theatre and the Fujian-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Center of Fujian Province jointly held the "Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Classic Concert" in Fuzhou, which was presented to theater fans on both sides of the strait as an online performance.

Li Baochun, the director of the Taipei New Opera Troupe, Wei Haimin, the major disciple of the famous Peking Opera artist Mr. Mei Baojiu, and Sun Jinmei, winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, sent the Mid-Autumn Festival blessings to audiences on both sides of the Taiwan Strait through recorded video online singing.

  Sun Jinmei expressed the hope that the epidemic will dissipate as soon as possible, and plans to invite famous Taiwanese artists to perform in Banyan next year.