Region Kronoberg is investing in a drop-in bus in Växjö to reach out to the people who have not been vaccinated against covid-19.

The investment only applies to Växjö municipality, which provokes strong reactions in Markaryd with the lowest vaccination rate in the entire county, according to figures from the Public Health Agency.

After SVT reported on the uneven distribution, Markaryd's municipal councilor Bengt Germundson reacted with a sharp letter to the regional management.

“It is not fair to continue to prioritize outreach activities in municipalities where the vaccination rate is already high.

Now the Kronoberg Region must sharpen up and direct its resources to the areas throughout the county where more people from so-called hard-to-reach groups need to be vaccinated! ”

"Coming on the trailer"

When SVT calls Bengt Germundsson, he develops his arguments:

- We feel like we are getting on the trailer, that we will be left behind this time as well, says Bengt Germundsson (KD), chairman of the municipal board in Markaryd.

Have an obligation

The municipal council now wants the region to invest resources in leveling out the differences in all the county's municipalities.

He does not think that the explanation that it is the external vaccinators who decide holds.

- The region has an obligation to vaccinate equally throughout the county, he says to SVT.