A salary increase to compensate for the increase in grievances: this is the measure announced by Grégory Doucet on Monday, September 20 to appease his municipal agents, reports

Lyon Capitale


On September 2, 200 agents gathered at the town hall to protest against the law on the transformation of the civil service, forcing local government employees to work at least 1,607 hours per year, the equivalent of 35 weekly hours, and tightening the framework for the right to strike.

Rebalance wages

If the mayor of Lyon has not reversed his desire to apply this law, he announced that he would allocate 6.6 million euros to revalue the salaries of his agents from 2022. The majority of the agents are concerned. category C, including municipal police officers and childcare auxiliaries, who will earn between 90 and 120 euros gross more per month.

Categories A and B, the so-called “female” sectors including medico-social, should also benefit from it to reduce the wage gap between men and women, and earn from 200 to 280 euros gross monthly more.

Regarding working conditions, the municipality has announced that it wants to increase the recognition of arduousness, and compensate for the elimination of extra-legal leave by three RTTs per year, in exchange for 30 minutes of additional work per week.


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