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Lego, games for everyone

Lego can be addressed to all audiences.

Of course, children love them: toys on the theme of Mario or Toy Story will captivate them.

But there are also ranges for teenagers or adults.

The Lego Technic and Lego Creator ranges concentrate particularly elaborate toys.

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Our selection will help you make your choice.

  • Toy Story 4 The Adventure of Buzz and the Shepherdess

     : intended for children from 4 years old, this game uses the characters from the famous animated film.

    This pack contains everything needed for Buzz and his friends to slide and play hide and seek.

  • Frozen Anna's Canoe Expedition

     : we no longer present the Disney princess.

    Designed for children, the pack contains a construction game to explore a river with Olaf, the snowman.

  • The Lego Movie 2 The Buildable Box

     : For kids ages 6 and up, this box challenges the imagination while bringing back memories for fans of the Lego movie.

    Appreciated for its endless possibilities, this pack contains a Queen that can take 15 different forms.

  • Harry Potter Advent Calendar 

    : For young and old alike, Lego has created an advent calendar on the theme of the famous wizard.

    It thus contains 24 gifts representing in particular the characters of the saga.

  • Star Wars Episode IX The TIE Sith Hunter 

    : This pack contains a Sith hunter from the saga, in addition to 3 minifigures.

    Collector's item or gift for fans, this pack is a reference to Episode IX and the new trilogy.

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