• FdI: 4 confidence votes in 48 hours in the Senate, Chambers cleared

  • Green Pass, take the new rules today.

    Green light to the new decree: here are the measures from September

  • Covid, Draghi signs the Green Pass decree.

    The emergency extension node remains


September 21, 2021 The Chamber makes clear the confidence placed by the government on the bill converting the "Green pass school and transport" decree of August 6, 2021, (n. 111). The votes in favor were 413, 48 votes against (by FdI and L'Alternativa exists) and 1 abstained.

This is the second Green pass decree, i.e. the rules on green certification in schools, universities and long-distance transport approved last August by the Council of Ministers, and which also contains the measures of the third decree on the green pass, with to which the government has extended the obligation to anyone accessing schools and universities and introduced the vaccination obligation for all workers in the RSA.

The go-ahead from Montecitorio to the Dl, for examination by the Senate, should arrive tomorrow (it must be converted into law by 5 October).