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Gran Turismo 7 for pre-order: the game already available on PS4 and PS5

Polyphony Digital, the Japanese studio behind the saga, has taken a long lead in launching its pre-orders.

It must be said that the success of the Gran Turismo is so important that this new episode could quickly be out of stock.

The fans seduced by the trailer will therefore have six months to order this new opus before its official release scheduled for March 4, 2022. They thus reduce the risk of a rupture.

Pre-order the game Gran Turismo 7

While the public expected Gran Turismo to be a PS5 exclusive, the title will also be available on PS4.

It can therefore be obtained at the following prices:

  • Gran Turismo PS5: 

    € 79.99

  • Gran Turismo PS4: 

    € 69.99

What's new in Gran Turismo 7

With every new version of Gran Turismo comes new things.

Here are a few that await you.

Driving modes for everyone

There will of course be the essential GT mode to drive cars in races of all levels.

But the game also has other modes, such as the GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School.

Hundreds of cars available

The catalog of available models has been further enriched.

Gran Turismo will have hundreds of cars, including 420 from day one.

These will take the characteristics of real cars.

But you can also customize yours with a wide range of tools.

All the beauty of ray tracing

On PS5, gamers will appreciate the full potential of the console.

Outside of the races, we will take advantage of ray tracing, a technology that recently revolutionized light in games.

Sony's next-gen console also features 4K support and HDR, promising rarely seen picture beauty.

Pre-order Gran Turismo 7

Conquered by the features of the new Gran Turismo?

Order your copy as soon as possible thanks to pre-orders from Fnac.

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