A 74-year-old man was sentenced by the Dieppe correctional court in Seine-Maritime on Friday, September 17.

This retiree was found guilty of sexual assault perpetrated in Buchy and Saint-Saire, between 2002 and 2013, on his three beautiful daughters, reports

Paris Normandie


The victims, present at the hearing on the bench of the civil parties, reported several sexual touching on the part of the septuagenarian.

The youngest of the three was even forced to repeat sexual acts, details the local daily.

“It started when I was four years old,” she explained at the helm.

Two years in prison

In 2018, the three women decided to file a complaint.

Heard by the investigators, the respondent had minimized the facts but ended up acknowledging having wanted to "have fun", quote our colleagues.

The defendant was finally sentenced to three years in prison, one of which was suspended, a sentence greater than the requisitions of the public prosecutor.

He also received a socio-judicial follow-up of five years as well as an obligation of care and the ban to come into contact with the victims.

The latter were compensated up to 3,000 euros each.


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