An advertisement masquerading as a funeral director has appeared in the southern United States, where COVID-19 is re-spreading, encouraging vaccinations.

According to local media on the 20th, an advertisement for a car near Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina caught attention.

An advertisement for a car under the name of 'Wilmore Undertaker' was engraved with the phrase "Do not get vaccinated" and the address of the undertaker's website.

When accessing the funeral home page in the advertisement, the phrase "Get vaccinated now or you will come to the funeral home" was written.

If you clicked the link on the homepage, you were connected to the Corona 19 vaccination reservation and information page of 'Starmed Hospital', a local medical institution.

On that day, the American professional football game Carolina and New Orleans was held at the Bank of America Stadium.

Posted on Twitter and Facebook, the advertisement photo went viral on the internet.

The identity of the person who posted the advertisement has not yet been revealed, but nearby hospitals also said they did not display the advertisement.

Southern states, including North Carolina, have low vaccination rates of less than 50% due to strong anti-vaccine sentiment.

( Twitter capture, Yonhap News)