China News Service, September 20, reported that Australia abandoned its purchase of submarines from France and instead cooperated with the United States and Britain to build a nuclear-powered submarine fleet, which continued to ferment.

The source said that the meeting between the French and British defense ministers originally scheduled for this week has been cancelled.

The Elysee Palace confirmed on the 19th that French President Macron will have a phone call with US President Biden in the next few days.

France cancels bilateral meeting of Anglo-French defense ministers

  Reuters reported on the 19th, citing two people familiar with the matter, that French Defense Minister Parley offered to cancel the bilateral meeting with British Defense Secretary Wallace.

Data map: French President Macron.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng

  The French Ministry of Defense did not immediately comment on the report, and the British Ministry of Defense also declined to respond.

  In addition, French Foreign Minister Le Drian accused Australia and the United States of lying and forced France to recall its ambassadors to Australia and the United States.

Le Drian called the two countries "duplicity" and "a serious breach of trust (between allies)", reflecting the "contempt" of the French allies.

  "For the first time in the history of the relationship between the United States and France, we recalled the ambassador for consultations. This is a serious political act, which shows the severity of the existing crisis between our two countries." He said that the ambassador was recalled for "re-evaluation. situation".

  But he said that France did not think it was necessary to recall its ambassador to the UK, but he accused the UK of being a “constant opportunist”.

Biden took the initiative to invite Macron to call

  Australia unilaterally canceled the huge contract to purchase traditionally powered submarines from France and turned to cooperate with the United States and Britain to build a nuclear-powered submarine fleet, which aroused strong dissatisfaction with France.

A French government spokesman said on the 19th that Macron will personally talk with Biden on the matter in the near future.

  French government spokesman Aittar said: "In the next few days, the heads of France and the United States will have a phone call." He also revealed that it was Biden who took the initiative to request a dialogue with Macron.

  Macron will ask Biden to "clarify."

Aitar said: "We want an explanation. The United States must provide an explanation for this'suspected major breach of trust'."

  According to the analysis, from the perspective of France, the US move runs counter to the Biden administration's promise to return to multilateralism and to cooperate closely with partners, especially European allies.