At least six people were killed and 28 injured in a shooting at a university in the Russian city of Perm on Monday morning.

Video footage shows people jumping out of windows to escape the building.

Students and teachers locked themselves in classrooms, according to Russian media.

According to the Perm State National Research University, a person opened fire in the street around 11 a.m. (local time).

The university has canceled all classes.

Eight deaths were previously reported, but that was later revised to six.

Some of the 28 injured are being treated in hospital.

The shooter is also in hospital with injuries, authorities report.

The university previously reported that the suspect had been killed.

The suspect's firearm was found.

The suspect is said to be an 18-year-old university student.

No statements have been made about his motive.

The university shared a message that the suspected gunman, Timur Bekumansurov, posted on social media.

"Anger overwhelms me. I want to destroy everything in my path, leave as much pain in this world as possible. Those I cannot kill will remember this day forever," it reads.


Students flee through windows for gunman at Russian university

Second Russian school shooting this year

Perm, about 1,300 kilometers east of the capital Moscow, is the second Russian city to be rocked by a school shooting this year.

In May, a student in Kazan shot and killed nine people.

That was the deadliest school shooting since 2018, when a student in Russia-annexed Crimea killed 20 people.

Russia has strict gun ownership rules, but it is not impossible for civilians to get hold of a firearm.

Some firearms are for sale under certain conditions for hunting, self-defense and sport.

After the shooting in Kazan, the minimum age for buying firearms was raised by three years to 21, but the law has not yet come into effect.