President Moon Jae-in, who left for the United Nations General Assembly yesterday (19th), arrived in New York a while ago. President Moon starts his visit to the U.S. tonight, starting with a speech with BTS.

Reporter Junmo Moon on the sidewalk.


President Moon Jae-in attends the UN General Assembly for the fifth year in a row.

The first schedule is the opening ceremony of the 'Sustainable Development Goals, abbreviated SDG Moment' to be held tonight in our time.

At this event, President Moon will speak on behalf of all UN member states.

SDG Moment is an annual UN event, and BTS is expected to attend this time to appeal to future generations' interest in global issues such as climate change.

President Moon's keynote speech at the UN General Assembly will be held at dawn the morning of the next day.

In particular, as this year marks the 30th anniversary of the two Koreas joining the United Nations at the same time, it seems that the focus will be on explaining the Korean government's efforts for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

In addition, cooperation and solidarity to overcome the corona crisis and climate change will be emphasized.

This visit to the US will also include a schedule for so-called 'vaccine diplomacy', including a meeting with the CEO of Pfizer.

President Moon will go to Hawaii as soon as his New York schedule is over.

This is to attend the 'Korea-U.S. Mutual Acceptance Ceremony', where the remains of American soldiers who died in the Korean War are returned to the United States and the remains of South Korean soldiers in Hawaii are returned to Korea.

President Moon is scheduled to return to Korea on the 23rd after completing his five-day, three-night visit to the United States.