The police in Flevoland have arrested another three people for possession of weapons in the investigation into the wearing of Nazi uniforms in Urk.

It concerns persons of eighteen, nineteen and twenty years old.

An arrest had already been made in the case.

The reason for the arrests are photos of young people in Nazi uniforms in Urk.

On Saturday, September 11, images surfaced of young people taking to the streets in Nazi clothing.

Reportedly, it was a corona protest, but according to the police, "this has not been shown on the basis of the investigation so far".

The firearms that can be seen in the photos prompted the police to search homes and make arrests.

On September 14, the 19-year-old suspected owner of a found firearm was arrested.

Three days later, a second suspect was arrested and two more arrests followed on Saturday.

All suspects have been released after their interrogation, but they are still suspected of possession of weapons.

Police are not ruling out new arrests.

More weapons may also be found.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is investigating whether wearing Nazi uniforms on the street is punishable.

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