China News Service, Manila, September 20 (Reporter Guan Xiangdong) On the 19th local time, the Philippine boxing champion and Senator Manny Pacquiao participated in the Democratic People’s Forces Party (PDP-LAPAN) led by Senator Pimontel. ) The national convention of a faction accepts the nomination for the next presidential candidate of that faction.

  According to reports from the Philippine "Star", ABS-CBN NEWS and many other media, Baggio said after accepting the nomination, "I am a fighter, and I will always be a fighter inside and outside the ring. In my life, I have never Retreat in battle." Baggio said that his life experience and the ability to get along with the bottom of the Philippines are one of his qualities suitable for running for president.

  Baggio, 42 years old this year, is the Philippine national treasure boxing champion.

In 2010, Baggio was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time and was re-elected in 2013.

In 2016, he was elected to the Senate.

Baggio was an ally of Duterte, and the two sides had differences over some issues.

  The Democratic People’s Forces Party (PDP-LAPAN) is the ruling party in the Philippines. It has split into two factions. One faction is led by Energy Secretary Cousy and the other is led by Baggio and Senator Pimentel.

  The faction led by Cousy has filed a complaint with the Philippine Electoral Office, requesting that the party officials of the faction led by Baggio and his ally Pimentel and others be declared "illegal."

  On September 8, the faction led by Cousy nominated Duterte's long-time aide and Senator Christopher Wu as the next presidential candidate and Duterte as the next vice presidential candidate.

But Christopher Wu did not accept the nomination.

  The Philippines implements a presidential system, with a six-year term of office and no re-election.

The current President Duterte took office in June 2016 and his term expires in June next year.