When the church election was held in Sweden on Sunday, turnout was generally low.

About 5 million Swedes were eligible to vote in the church election, but only about 851,000 voted.

A figure that corresponds to 17.45 percent of those who are eligible to vote.

In Växjö diocese, 17.63 percent of those entitled to vote voted.

The corresponding figure was 17.73 percent in the previous church election in the diocese.

Increased participation among young people

An increase among young people who have chosen to vote in this year's church election has been noticed all over the country, also here in Växjö diocese.

- It is very gratifying and hopeful for the future that so many younger people want to get involved in the church, says Fredrik Modéus, bishop of Växjö diocese.

In the clip above, you hear him tell why he thinks more young people have chosen to vote.

The parliamentary parties are losing

All of the parliamentary parties that have stood in the church election have backed down since the 2017 election according to the preliminary results after yesterday's election.

A figure that agrees both in the church meeting and within the diocesan council in Växjö diocese.

Despite this, the Social Democrats are still the largest party with their 24.67 percent.