Conflict in Tigray: rebels and Ethiopian government respond to US pressure

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (our photo) signed a long open letter to Joe Biden on Sunday, again complaining of being misunderstood and slandered.

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US President Joe Biden signed a decree on Friday, September 17, authorizing the imposition of sanctions against the belligerents of the conflict in Ethiopia.

Strictly speaking, these are not yet sanctions, but a mechanism allowing them to be triggered in the event of lack of progress on the ground.

On Sunday, the Tigrayan rebellion and the Ethiopian Prime Minister responded to him.


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With regard to Ethiopia, the American patience, according to a senior official, is counted "

 in weeks and not in months 


Washington's goal is, in fact, to quickly obtain, according to the same source, " 

significant measures to start talks with a view to a negotiated ceasefire and to allow unhindered humanitarian access 


Otherwise, the United States says it is ready to take "

aggressive measures

 ", including sanctions against " 

leaders, organizations or entities

 ", to use the words of the head of diplomacy Anthony Blinken, therefore including all belligerents: federal, Amharas, Eritreans or Tigrayans.

Return to pre-war positions

The first to react were the Tigrayans.

In a statement, rebel leader Debretsion Gebremichael expressed his " 

appreciation for the consistent and constructive efforts 

" of the Americans.

But obviously, his position has not changed: he repeated his agreement for immediate negotiations, on condition that his adversaries return to their pre-war positions, that is to say in particular before the conquest of certain territories. disputed by his enemies.

Misunderstood and slandered

As for Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, he signed a long open letter to Joe Biden on Sunday.

Still complaining of being misunderstood and slandered, and of dealing with "




, he said Ethiopia "would 

not succumb to the consequences of pressure designed by disgruntled individuals 


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