Overseas Network, September 20. Last Friday (17th) in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, 63 African penguins died strangely without trauma. After careful inspection by experts, they were found to be stinged by cape bee stings. They were also on the ground. It was full of dead bees, so it was determined that these penguins were attacked and killed by the swarm.

  The South African news website TimesLive reported on the 19th that after 63 African penguin bodies were found in Simon's Town, the African penguin habitat, the veterinarian of the South African National Park Administration, Cape Town The city’s veterinarian and penguin experts from the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds immediately investigated the cause of their death.

The South African National Park Management Office stated that these dead African penguins had no trauma at all, and the biological remains were also sent for disease and poison testing. However, the autopsy results showed that all of them had been stung by bees many times before they died, and many deaths were found in the places where they died. Cape bee (Cape bee), so it is preliminarily inferred that the penguin was attacked by a swarm of bees and injured to death.

  Alison Kock, a marine biologist at the South African National Park Service, said that he would like to thank all the partners who protect animals for assisting them in investigating this unusual incident.

He pointed out that no more African penguins were found dead at the scene, and relevant parties will continue to monitor the situation.

(Overseas Net Hou Xingchuan)