During a cricket match in Ireland, an unexpected 'uninvited' broke in and ran away with a ball, causing a commotion that temporarily halted the game.

According to foreign media such as CNN on the 13th local time, the Irish women's cricket professional team CSNI CC and Bready CC faced off in the Irish Women's Cricket T20 Cup semi-final on the 11th.

At the end of the match when the winner or loser was decided, an 'uninvited guest' suddenly broke into the stadium.

The identity of this uninvited guest was none other than a dog.

The dog, who was happily running around the stadium with a long leash, started running with a ball thrown by a player in its mouth.

It was truly a 'nice catch'.

Embarrassed, the players followed the dog to get the ball back, but the dog seemed happy to see the players chasing him.

Belatedly, the owner of the dog ran out of the audience.

The dog hurriedly circled the pitch and stopped in front of the squatting catcher.

The owner, who appears to be a young student, took advantage of the dog's stop in front of the catcher, grabbed the leash and succeeded in getting the dog back to Tyler's ball.

After returning the ball to the players, the owner grabbed the leash and left the arena with the dog.

After the dog was sent off, the match was said to have resumed.

The commentators, who were broadcasting the game, laughed out loud at the scene and gave a pleasant reaction, saying, "I need to wash the ball clean. Seeing that splash contact occurs in this way, it seems that cricket needs a new quarantine regulation."

The Irish Women's Cricket Association shared a video of the riot on their official Twitter.

The video was a huge hit, garnering over 4.9 million views within five days of being shared.

The dog's name became known as 'Dazzle'.

▲ Dazzle, 'Dog of the Month' selected by the International Cricket Association

When the video became a hot topic, the International Cricket Association recognized Dazzle as the 'Dog of the month' inspired by 'Player of the Month' and gave a lot of laughter to many people.

This is a 'news pick'.    

(Photo=Twitter 'IrishWomensCric', 'FSLnews', 'ICC')