Deal winner Sointu Borg, 29, was seen yesterday Saturday in the Miss Finland final as one of the judges of the competition.

Borg was wearing a black evening gown and turned his gaze already on the red carpet.

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Celebrities enchanted on the red carpet at the Miss Finland gala - Sointu Borg turned his gaze

The other members of the jury were Miss Finland 2001 Heidi Sohlberg, top model and entrepreneur Anne Kukkohovi and the main trainer of the More Than Beauty Academy and Jaana Villanen, as well as Katja Lintunen as a representative of the press.

According to the aftermath of the Miss competition, not everyone melted the fact that Sointu Borg from Tampere was part of the Miss Winner's electorate.

The chat app in Jodel quickly began to question why Borg joined the jury at all.

Some said they were disappointed that Borg, who held the women's side until the end, wanted to take part in the Miss Finland gala after the summer upheaval.

In the heat of the summer, Jodel users are most likely referring to how the two missifinalists left the race in the middle and loudly criticized the entire mission organization.

Shortly thereafter, ex-Miss Lola Odusoga also spoke her mouth clean of her dissatisfaction with the organization.

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The criticism of Borg did not go unnoticed by him, but the Diili winner responded quickly to the Finnish people in his own outspoken style on Instagram.

- The dirt has hit a completely insane dune.

Anyone who puts themselves on that level and dares to subject themselves to criticism deserves a hat lift.

The iodel list is easy to shout.

Few in bikinis dare to take the stage to be criticized by the entire nation.

Itella would probably go to the shit at that point and I would pick up a hidden bottle if the emergency escape route could not be found around the corner, Borg replied why Miss went to the jury.

⁣Borg says that in principle he appreciates everyone who systematically works towards their goals and dares to express their own dreams, whether it is a matter of a miss or something else.

- In my own presence, I wanted to respect the work done by the contestants along the way.

I realized no later than Friday in the interviews that I had made the right decision, listening to the elevator speeches.

My own pitch situation is still clear in my mind and I know first-hand how much the whole thing requires mental strength and working hours.

In addition, the Friday-type interview is a really depressing, actual pressure cooker.

Time is short and the stakes are hard, Borg writes.

The Miss Finland final was held yesterday Saturday in Kerava.

Photo: Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva

Essi Unkuri, who was also the audience's favorite, was finally chosen as Miss Finland of 2021.

Sonja Länsivuori was crowned the second heritage princess and Emmi Suuronen the first heritage princess.

Eveliina Tikka was awarded as the ideal girl in the press and Emilia Lepomäki received the title of Miss World Finland.

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Essi Unkuri is the new Miss Finland.

Photo: Lassi Rinne