“Remote electronic voting has become decisive in Moscow.

2 million is about a quarter of all registered voters in Moscow.

In fact, more than half in Moscow voted electronically, ”the political scientist said.

He noted that usually the highest non-participation rates were among young people.

“She is more mobile, less attached to the place.

Therefore, for her, the most important factor in activating it is precisely remote voting.

Part of trying to try.

Plus it is more convenient, ”Abzalov said.

According to the political scientist, in the future, work with such a platform will become the most important factor in the entire electoral process.

“It is necessary to create a monitoring system, a verification system, and provide an audit.

Taking into account the fact that the urban population will increase, online voting will become a trend, ”he concluded.

Earlier, the CEC counted more than 20% of the protocols for the elections to the State Duma.