Miss Finland Essi Unkuri and heritage princesses Emmi Suuronen and Sonja Länsivuori arrived at the audience of the dance program the day after the miss competition.

They revealed their celebration until the wee hours of the night.

- I don't feel like I've slept at all, Essi laughed.

The trio of celebrations at Furvik Manor said they were delighted that all the finalists had arrived.

- I don't remember that ever before all the finalists would have been there, Sonja said.

- I myself wasn't when I didn't make it to the final three.

These finalists were clearly more mature than we were, he continued.

Emmi also said that she was not able to celebrate the victory of others after the 2019 miss competition.

- Then I went straight home.

Now the trio also got a party party from their social partners.

Emmi is dating Akseli Herlev and Essi Viljami with Harjuniemi.

Sonja's boyfriend wants to stay out of the public eye.

- Even at breakfast, our men were involved and we were already starting to plan new trips together, because we had a lot of fun, the trio revealed.

Essi is looking forward to RTD with her own competitive dance background.

Sonja says that she encourages Viivi Huuska and Emmi from Kiti Kokko.

- Thanks to Tanhupallo, my dog ​​is called Karvamado, Emmi revealed.