China News Agency, Paris, September 19 (Reporter Li Yang) French official local time said on the 19th that French President Macron will ask US President Biden to clarify the dispute over the submarine contract.

  French government spokesman Attar said that at Biden's request, Macron will have a phone conversation with him "in the next few days."

Macron will ask Biden to explain and clarify the dispute over the submarine contract.

The US must respond to this behavior that appears to be a "serious breach of trust."

  France has recalled its ambassador to the United States and Australia.

French Foreign Minister Le Drian said on the evening of the 18th that Australia cancelled its submarine contract with France and instead cooperated with the United States and Britain, causing a "serious crisis."

He said that he would reassess France's position to defend France's interests in Australia and the United States.

  Australia decided in 2016 to build its new submarine fleet by the French military ship manufacturer "Navy Group". However, as Australia and the United States reached a nuclear submarine cooperation agreement, Australia no longer needs French-built conventional submarines, and Australia cancelled its submarine contract with France .

  Attar revealed that France is waiting for discussions with Australia on issues related to breach of contract and financial compensation to the French side.

He did not disclose the specific compensation amount.

The current value of the submarine contract signed between Australia and France is reported to be 90 billion Australian dollars (approximately 56 billion euros).

  Australian Prime Minister Morrison still insisted on the 19th that he had raised concerns about the Australian-French submarine contract.

The French side has repeatedly denied Morrison's relevant remarks.

The French ambassador to Australia, Tabor, reiterated earlier that at no time did the Australian side give any clear signal to France to suspend the relevant contract.